“It’s a musical term, that means a beautiful melody”, I answer.  “Cavatina Violin Studio – a violin studio filled with beautiful melodies.”

When I first imagined opening my own private teaching studio, I envisioned a quiet space that had large windows streaming with natural light, and walls painted in calm relaxing colours covered with beautiful art.  In short, I imagined a space reflective of how I approach teaching.

When I teach, I maintain a calm atmosphere, while simultaneously upholding a high-performance standard, by establishing a strong technical foundation.

I believe inspiration is often a catalyst for self-motivation.  I seek to inspire my students by helping them to build a 'tool box' of technical, analytical, and musical skills they can use to achieve their performance goals, and by providing them with a variety of performance opportunities.

And finally, I feel strongly that when foundation and inspiration unite, they result in performance artistry.

Over the years, I have worked with students of all ages and ability levels, preparing them for auditions and coaching them to play for their own personal enjoyment.  No matter what the goals of my students may be - it is artistry, I hope to foster within them. 


Carmen’s fastidious ear for music allows her to observe your performance flaws as you begin playing the first few notes. It might be possible for many instructors to spot the weaknesses of a performer; however, Carmen’s capability to point to the root cause and propose an exercise to address the weakness is what makes her an excellent mentor.
— Arshan Naji, student


Formal Biography

A diverse and engaging performer, Toronto-based violinist, vocalist and pedagogue Carmen Lasceski-Custers has worked in numerous settings with a repertoire that spans many genres. 


Carmen holds a masters degree in violin performance and literature from Western University (M.Mus.) where studied with Jaime Weisenblum and Annette-Barbara Vogel, a bachelors degree in violin performance from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (B.Mus. Honours) where she studied with Klara Fenyö Bahcall, and additionally she completed coursework in drama, voice and violin at the University of Wisconsin Platteville.

Throughout her performance career, Carmen has worked as a chamber and orchestral musician, soloist (violin and voice), actress, choreographer, dance teacher, choral singer, and choral conductor.  She enjoys collaborating with other musicians and artists across a wide range of genres, and is passionate about creating her own unique performance projects.  She frequently gives solo classical violin recitals and concert programs that combine both jazz vocals and violin.

A skilled and dedicated teacher, Carmen has developed a formidable reputation as a violin pedagogue. She is a Certified Advanced Specialist with the Royal Conservatory of Music (violin), has taught at music schools throughout the States and Canada, worked as a graduate teaching assistant, adjudicated for music festivals and competitions, worked as a summer festival clinician, given orchestral workshops in both primary and secondary school settings, presented university masterclasses, and had four of her pedagogical articles published.  Her students frequently receive high marks on exams, and place well at festivals.

Throughout her teaching career, Carmen has worked with students of all ages and ability levels.  Her finely honed teaching skills give Carmen the ability to guide her students to realize their fullest potential. 

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During the masterclass, Carmen worked with several students on a variety of different violin repertoire. She was able to give excellent suggestions to help all of the participants.
— Klara Fenyö Bahcall, Former Professor of Violin, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh